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Epillyss White Queen Lukewarm Wax

Product Description
ROYALTY! Our greatest selling product ever! This white and milky easy-to-apply wax offers a special touch of the zinc oxide renowned for its purifying and antiseptic properties often used in the treatment of skin with signs of acne or eczema. This raw material is also used as an anti-UV protection agent. This white and creamy wax suits all kinds of skin and all types of hairs - beauticians use it frequently on sensitive skin. It can be heated in the microwave oven.


Arising out of a patented alloy of ceramic, plastic and fibreglass, our Boléro is the unique wax container fitted for microwave ovens AND wax-heaters throughout the whole world. It is a great time-saver in wax preparations. Boléro can be handled easily and its plastic sealing cap ensures the cleanliness of work areas and of all sides of this special container.

Features and Benefits:

Ready in 2 minutes
Our greatest selling product ever
Easy application
Perfect for skins subject to reactions
Offers a special touch of zinc oxyde renowned for its purifying and antiseptic properties
Creamy texture ensures all hairs are removed

Hair Recommendation: All
Types of Skin: All Sensitive
Wax Colour: White
Texture: Creamy
Ingredients: Natural Pine Resin Natural Beeswax Liquid Paraffin
Essential Oils: Citronella
Microwaves: Yes
Melting Temperature: 39ºC - 102ºF

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