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Intensive Eyelash Tint - Graphite

Product Description
Intensive Eyelash Tint - Graphite

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY! Intensive Eyelash Tints are vegetable based dyes that are formulated with all natural ingredients including, peanut oil, lanolin, sunflower oil.

Size: 20ml

Texture: Cream

Benefits: Does not contain tar and is Vegan friendly.

Usage: Mix a pea size amount with 2-4 drops of Intensive Liquid or Cream Developer until a creamy paste. (Ensure that the consistency is not runny) Leave on for 7-10mins for best results.



Client should be lying down.
Cleanse eyelashes and eyebrows thoroughly. Lashes and brows should be free of oil and make-up.
Instruct the client to look up. Apply petroleum jelly under the lower eye-lid. Moisten protection pad and place under the eyes. This will prevent the tint from staining the skin.
Instruct Client to close their eyes for the remainder of the service. Apply petroleum jelly on top eyelid to prevent tint from staining.
Using a tint brush to apply to lashes. Ensure all eyelashes are coated, instruct the client to keep their eyes closed and remain relaxed until the application and removal process is completed.
Leave on for 10mins

Apply Petroleum Jelly around the eyebrows to ensure tint doesn't stain the skin
When applying to eyebrows, make sure eyebrow hair is completely covered with tint
If any tint gets on the face, remove it as soon as possible with warm soap and water.
Leave on for 1 - 3 minutes, test color. If eyebrows are not dark enough re-apply.
Note:If you get tint on your hands while mixing, use a cotton ball dampened with Tint Spot Cleanser to remove the tint. Wash your hands with soap and water immediately. Do not use the Spot Cleanser on the face. Use soap and warm water to remove any tint on the face


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