Micha Lash

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The MICHA Brand was created to fill the desire for a consistent and professional eyelash extension brand in the Beauty Industry.

The MICHA Lash brand offers support through their distributors in the way of marketing materials, educational support, and quality training. Those who have taken and completed the course offered by an authorized training center can now be completely confident in offering this very profitable service.

The structure of the training classes were created in order to encourage the connection between student and teacher with great value (includes even learning about specialty lashes like colored lashes and crystals). Students are also taught to use the different types of lashes (loose and mink, j and c curl, different lengths and widths, different looks) which is unusual as most other brands only focus on one or two types of lashes. The training manuals have been carefully created and even cover proper infection control procedures and dealing with client sensitivities or problems.

The products and glues are compliant with North American Cosmetic Regulations. The after care products have been designed to be the retail products for the MICHA professional to sell to their clients after the service.

MICHA Lash strives to be the leaders in providing Quality Products teamed with Quality Education and Quality Support.