Body Hair Trimmer

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Body Hair Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

There exists a delicate line for men when it comes to trimming excess body hair.

It is important to remove the proper amount, not too much yet not too little. A man should also consider whether or not to groom his private areas and whether he needs to groom more exposed areas when heading to the beach.

In some men, weekly or monthly grooming of body hair will suffice. Some men need to keep up with daily grooming.

Whatever the need, a good body hair trimmer will make the process smooth, painless and efficient.

Following is a Buyers Guide to use when choosing the best body hair trimmer for a man’s individual needs.

Types of Body Hair Trimmers

The first thing to consider when purchasing a body hair trimmer is the type of trimmer that will work best.

Disposable razors are inexpensive. However, you need to replace them often. They also do not deliver a clean shave and are not easy to use as a trimmer of unwanted hair.

Disposable raisers are messy to use and can leave nicks and cuts as well as skin irritation. Some do have lubricating strips which do help.

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Another type of razor is not disposable but the blades are. You will need to sharpen and replenish blades on a regular basis.

You are also limited to using the particular brand’s blades. Although most of these types of razors have 3 or more blades that will aid in getting a better and closer shave, they are still messy and prone to causing nicks, cuts and skin irritation.

Electric shaver and trimmer

An electric shaver and trimmer is the more expensive alternative for body hair grooming needs but does a better job and causes less nicks, cuts and skin irritation. Electric shavers can be corded or chargeable. 

They either have built in blades and combs or a variety of blades and combs in different sizes. The best quality electric shavers have built in blades and combs with adjustable lengths.

That way the user can easily adjust the length of hair he needs to shave or trim.

When trimming body hair, this is an extremely useful tool. When using a trimmer to cut different lengths of hair to desired lengths, an electric shaver saves time and is precise.

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